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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EXERCISE....spiritual and physical!

Guess what I am doing this very moment?!  EXERCISING!  I'm like a whole new gal!  So, I got all your nice letters today!!  It is SO good to hear from everybody.  I especially appreciate all the letters you send me, mom!  I definitely had the most mail out of all my district today:)  I love you all so  so much!
Well, my musical number went very well today.  I got a lot of compliments, which made me feel good:0
Nonna should have snuck in a as a "senior missionary" because that's who I was performing for:)

Well,  My companion has been called as sister training leader and so I am her assistant!  I am so blessed to have Sis. Schwartz as my companion! She's 22 and she really is amazing.  We get along unbelievably well.  The Lord definitely had his hand in putting companionships together.  I am also my zone's pianist for sacrament meeting n'stuff!  Things are GREAT.
Being a missionary is TRULY the BEST.  We had the opportunity to walk around the temple yesterday.( I was secretly hoping to see a red mini van in the temple parking lot) :)
My companion and I have been teaching our investigator JC, and committed him to baptism today!!!!  I almost started to cry.  There was SO much satisfaction knowing that the knowledge I had to share about the gospel is changing someone else's life!  I'm making a difference!  There really is no better feeling.  I absolutely love my district.  We did a district fast today, so we fasted from about 5am to 6:45pm.  It's amazing to see the blessings we receive from fasting.  Also, the guys in our district have FINALLY warmed up to us!  They have given each of us, sisters, a blessings so far.  I am so so grateful they honor their priesthood.  I love those Elders!  Cuties.
I love you Mom, sooo grateful for all the letters you send!  I can always count on you:)  I love being updated.
 To my lovely father...I LOVE you!  When I was at choir practice, every time I squinted my eyes, the instructor looked EXACTLY like you.  I squinted the WHOLE song:)  Miss you.
 Buzzard, oh please, you're hardly surviving without me. How's the bed?  Lovely, right?!  Miss you.  Oh Claire bear..my seeeesta!  I miss you dearly, I hope marching band is going well:)
Jack-O, I miss your slow blinks and smile! :)
Andy, Oh I miss your love.  I want a hug from you:)
Happy, I miss you:)

When you hear someone play just the right hand on the piano, it's alright, right?  But when both hands are playing, it's music.  We can compare this to the gospel, or all religions.  All other religions have only the "right hand" or only PART of the truth.  But The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints fortunately has the "music" (both hands)..or ALL of the truth.  God loves us and wants us to know of the truth!  ALL of it, and we couldn't be more blessed to have it!
Wow, I'm horrible at articulating my words, sorry if that made no sense...I'm working on it:)
I love you all. I'm growing up sooooo much. I really knew NOTHING before I got here.  I have amazing teachers and a district that I learn so so so much from.  I head to Minneapolis in about a week and I get to call from the airport! I can't wait:)
Love you blue-eyed beauties.
E-hem...you all should write some handwritten letters too:)
I pray for you all! Please be safe and good!
Sister B

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